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Dog Walking essentials

dog walking essentials, dog walking kit

As a dog walker, I know it's essential to carry certain items but some of these can be adaptable to any dog owner. Poo bags are a must and you can either buy them or use nappy bags which are scented, just beware they will be thinner. I like to carry a towel because it can be used to wipe my dog down, use to help prevent heat stroke or used to comfort a dog in shock.

lead for two or more dogs

If you have more than one dog you could get a multipurpose lead. If I'm out with more than one dog I can use this flexible hands-free lead. You can attach up to three dogs to this one. I love the idea behind this as a dog walker because if I'm walking up to five dogs this allows ease of use. This particular lead is flexible and can be used for running with your dogs as well.

dog cooling jacket, summer heat

These vests are ideal for our summer heat. I like to keep a couple in my bag for when I walk the dogs. They are easy to use and absorb the water like a sponge. You just rinse them under the water and place them on your dog. if it's an extra toasty day you can place the wet coats in the freezer for a bit. They are ideal for black dogs because they reflect the sun. I make sure I have plenty of water on me so I can keep them wet. If buying these, please go up a size if you have a long dog.

first aid kit for dogs

A doggy first aid kit is a must for any owner, especially if you are out walking your dog for a long period of time. You can have the basics like wipes, bandages, scissors and gauzes. There are various first aid kits out there but remember they are only an aid and getting your dog to the vet is essential. . I always make sure I carry my clients' emergency contacts with me just in case. I would recommend reading up on CPR for dogs, recognising heat stroke, how to take their pulse, recognising shock and checking for bites and knowing what to do. I took a course through animal care in basic first aid. I learned a lot and continue to learn more to improve my knowledge.

If the walk is going to be over 20 minutes in the winter or a brisk summer walk you need to provide your four-legged friend with water. I carry a collapsable bowl around with me which easily fits into my bag.

I have this one and it enables me to pop in treats and poo bags on the sides and poo in the middle compartment. While I'm out and about walking my dogs I can carry the poo with me. This little bag attaches around your waist.

Considering how many people don't pick up their dog's poo or leave the bags on the path. having a bag like this means you have no excuses.

This spray is used to correct your dog's bad behaviour with a loud hiss noise. I was recommended this by another dog walker as a last resort if your dog gets into a fight. It can be dangerous trying to break up a dog fight and shouting at your dog can be pointless. This spray provides an alternative and should get the attention of your dog long enough to get them away from the other dog. Beware, if this is used around sensitive or nervous dogs it could cause them to bolt but it could also prevent injures to your dog. Don't overuse it and if it is used to break up a fight put it away immediately to reassure your dog

Not essential for your everyday dog bag but is good to keep in the back of the car. These dry robes can be placed on your dog after a walk where they have got wet. I love using mine after I have taken my dog to the beach. If you click on this link and buy from this brand you may need to go up a size.

If you are still training your dog treats are a must when out and about. In time you won't need them once they learnt the commands. I take treats out with me to allow the dogs to get used to me and to offer them as rewards. When choosing treats I use gravy bones which my vet uses. I also like to use treats full of omega 3. Fishy treats are lower in calories so are ideal for any type of dog.

Having a dog bag full of basic essentials means you are prepared for any circumstances.

Remember to keep your vets' details to hand and be aware of the wildlife in the area where you will be walking your dog. An adder bite can be deadly if not treated in the first couple of hours, so be aware of the environment around you. Knowledge is power and being up to date on dog first aid could save your pet's life.

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