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Daisy Dukes Day out

Gravel Hill-Poole

14 min drive from West Moors.

Gravel hill is a nice walk where you can take various routes and walk from 30mins to two hours. It is part of the woodland trust and you can read more about the nature reserves on their page and it also provides the locations. Click here. There are three main nature reserves to choose from which are broken up into three different walking areas;

Arrowsmith Coppice,

Corfe Hills West,

Delph woods.

The car park is off a main road and there are poo bins located near by. There is various posts throughout the walk telling you where the nearest poo bin is.

When Entering the forest on to nature reserve there was a sign says dogs have to be on the lead between March and July. Which isn’t too bad because outside these months the dog can be let off the lead.

You can plan your route in advance let your dog pick the route whenever you get to a crossroad. There are plenty of picturesque views and there are stairs where you can climb up to see a beautiful viewpoint.

I found the walk very Peaceful and quiet once we got away from the main road.

There are plenty of sign posts so u can’t get lost if you keep to the main paths. If you do decide to take a smaller path make sure you have Google maps handy to find your way back.

Daisy’s rating. 3/5 Paw Prints.

This place doesn’t get a high rating due to Daisy’s picky expectations.

One Paw Print: For providing poo bins at various locations.

One Paw Print: For plenty of space to run around. There are lots of different walks.

One Paw Print: Picturesque views, plenty of signs and information posters telling you about the various nature reserves.

The walk loses two paw prints because there was no streams for Daisy to cool off in. She loves the water and it is a must for scoring a higher score. Also the car park is by a main road which made her nervous. Daisy also likes a pit stop when she goes for a walk, like a cafe. The walk also doesn’t have the four combinations to entitle it to 5 paw prints. Water/forest/fields/beach.

In conclusion the walk is clearly sign posted, it offers information on the nature reserve and there is plenty of space to roam around with your dog without seeing many people. Ideal if your dog is a bit nervous around other dogs.

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