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Daisy Dukes day out.

Updated: Jul 2, 2022

Ilfracombe: Torrs Walk

  • The Torrs walk to Wildersmouth beach in Ilfracombe is a 30 mins walk and a one hour round trip. The walk takes you along the south-west coastal path, which is the longest in England stretching 630 miles. The walk takes you through a small forest towards a coastal path, giving you the option to either go to Lee village or into Ilfracombe. Once you have taken in the views, you take a short road walk to the Jubilee gardens towards the beach. Here are the highlights of the trip.

  • The car park is free, which is nice if you want to take a stroll into town and get a bite to eat without worrying about getting back to the car.

  • The walk combines a mini forest and a beach, so provides shade for your dog as well as a place to cool off.

  • The coastal scenery is ideal for selfies.

  • There are doggy bins in the park leading to the beach.

  • The town provides information posters you can read about the wildlife and don't forget to check out the unusual sculpture by the harbour.

  • There is more than one dog friendly pub to choose from.

Daisy’s Verdict

3/5 Paw prints

1: For easy access to the beach without doggy restrictions.

2: Free car park, so more treats for her.

3: For the combination of forest and beach in one walk.

The walk loses two paw prints because she had to walk along a road (makes her anxious) and the coastal path meant we couldn’t throw the ball for her.

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