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Dog Walker

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything You Need to Know


If the weather is too hot what do you do?

If the weather is unbearable and too hot to even walk the dogs in a forest I will come to your house and spend time with your dogs. I will let them out in the garden, make sure they have fresh water and play puzzle games with them to mentally stimulate their minds.

My dog is nervous around other dogs, will you be able to walk him?

I can walk any type of dog as long as you are upfront and honest about their behaviour. I will walk the dog on the lead for the first couple of walks for them to get used to me and then I will see how they react to other dogs. With your permission I would prefer letting the dog off the lead however both you and the dog have to be comfortable.

Do you pet sit?

Yes, I can pet sit in your house instead of you taking your dog/cat to the kennels. A home environment offers comfort to your pets and helps ease anxiety.

This is my first time hiring a dog walker, what do you offer?

I will first introduce myself to your dogs and do a consultation free of charge. I will make you fill in a form which gets me to know about your dog, behaviour, routine, how they are around other dogs etc. 
To make your dog feel at ease I will keep them on the lead for the first couple of walks and reward good behaviour. The key to a good dog walker owner relationship is honesty.

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